As a member or guest of TCRA, your input is selling levitra online a valuable part of the process.  We welcome your comments and suggestions.  If you wish to buy cheap tramadol on send us written correspondence, the mailing address is 109 Walton Avenue, Smyrna, TN 37167. Telephone inquiries, please call 615.355.4242.

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 2014 TCRA Annual Convention

Oh, The Places You'll Go

June 6-8, 2014

Franklin, Tennessee


“You're off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting,  So... get on your way!”  -- Dr. Seuss

TCRA's Convention Committee is excited about our upcoming gathering at the 2014 Annual Convention this summer at the Franklin Marriott Cool Springs, Franklin, Tennessee, June 6-8, 2014!

Every one of us benefits from inspiration and the motivation to see ideas and goals we have set for ourselves come to fruition.  Convention is a great time not only to connect with old friends and meet new people but to learn in a live environment from our fellow professionals in and out of court reporting and to tap into what can inspire and motivate us.

This convention is our opportunity to cheap levitra 40mg gather with colleagues and 100 mg viagra friends to earn the CEUs needed for state licensure (LCR) which comes up for renewal the end of June 2014. There are many committee members diligently working to ensure this year's convention is informative, engaging, inspiring, and motivating.  Make your plans now to attend!  More details coming soon via your inbox, Facebook, and Twitter



President's Message

Jim Beres, TCRA President









Commitment is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as
: a promise to do or give something
: a promise to be loyal to someone or something
: the attitude of someone who works very hard to do or support something.

If you think about it, we commit every single day of our lives to something, whether it be by habit, on purpose or someone asking us to do something.  It’s so simple that sometimes we do it and don’t even realize that we have: Pick up the kids at school, go to the store, be at work on time.

In my previous President’s Message, I defined and asked our members to become “Involved”.  In this one, I’m asking you to “Commit”.  Some may think that the two are the same, but they’re not.  Being “Involved” is a start to any process.  In our case if you weren’t a member of TCRA, that was a starting point.  Now that many of you have become “Involved”, I’d like to thank you and ask you to take it to the next level.

First off, I’d ask you to commit to your profession.  Sounds pretty simple, but it’s more than just going out and taking jobs.  Times have been tough in the legal industry and there’s no one who hasn’t felt that.  But if we commit, do something, be loyal to ourselves and to our industry, have an upbeat attitude, work hard and support something, the tough times don’t seem so bad.  Every time that we take a job, we are committing to doing our very best, which is probably why that client continues to call us.

That’s why I ask you to “Commit” and continue to support TCRA.  The responses I’ve received from reporters since I took office have been incredibly supportive and for that, your Board thanks you, as do I.  But we have more to do, and the only way we can is through your commitment and involvement with TCRA.  I have been absolutely amazed at the number of e-mails that YOUR Board gets from reporters asking questions from the most elementary things to very involved, sometimes even quasi-legal questions.

And you know what?  That’s being committed.  That’s because you care enough to want to do the right thing and if you’re unsure, you have a Board of professionals who, like you, are also committed to finding those answers.  Sometimes it’s an easy answer and sometimes it’s not.  But that’s what being committed to something is all about.

In closing I ask you to please keep the questions coming as you have been on any issues and, as we have done, we’ll continue to try and get those answers to you on any confusion or questions you may have on issues facing us as professionals.

I’d ask you to please mark your calendars on a couple of dates, those being May 3rd,, which will be the date of the NCRA testing here in Nashville.  As soon as I get more information from NCRA, we will be sending that out.  It’s my understanding that those tests will be held at the Nashville Career College on Bell Road/Old Hickory Boulevard.

Also, don’t forget that our 2014 Convention this year will be held June 6-8 at the Franklin Marriott, which is in the Cool Springs area of Franklin off of I-65.


TBCR vs. TCRA - What’s the Difference?

The Tennessee Court Reporters Association (TCRA) was founded in 1949.  Our association is a volunteer organization made up of an Executive Board and, also, comprises two Directors from each of the three divisions of our state.  

Per our current bylaws:

The members of this Association shall strive to establish and maintain a proper standard of proficiency in the profession of court reporting, to establish and maintain a proper standard of professional ethics, to promote friendly interaction and good feeling among the members of the Association, to promote enactment of just and equitable laws upon the subject of court reporting, to protect the public against the imposition of incompetent and unethical court reporters, and to promote by all proper and lawful means, and consistent with the public interest, the legitimate interests of professional court reporters in the State of Tennessee.

Tenn. Code Ann. § 20-9-604 established the Tennessee Board of Court Reporting (TBCR).  According to the TBCR website:  Beginning July 1, 2010, court reporters must be licensed to engage in court reporting in the state of Tennessee. This board will issue court reporter licenses, conduct disciplinary inquiries for ethical violations, ensure completion of continuing education requirements and maintain a registry of court reporters.

Your TCRA Board has always and will continue to bring our members the most current and up-to-date court reporting information and news available as we receive it.  As our members are aware, our avenues of communication are varied:  annual conventions, regional seminars, e-blasts, website, quarterly newsletters, Facebook page, and Twitter!  Our state association can boast and be proud that we are one of the few state associations in the country that is so technologically advanced.

The TBCR was established to prescribe the qualifications of court reporters and to issue licenses to persons who demonstrate their ability and fitness for the licenses.  If anyone has a question about licensure, continuing education guidelines, reporting guidelines, inactive status, or reporter complaints, your questions must be directed to the TBCR.






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