Kristin Schultz, LCR - Biography

Kristin Schultz-Burke has been working as a court reporter for the past 12 years -- 8 in Florida and 4 in Tennessee -- and she feels it has brought her more great experiences and knowledge than she could have imagined possible. Kristin has been very happy to serve on this board for the past year as an Eastern Division Representative and looks forward to years of more service. It means something to her to give back to a profession that has added so much to her life.
Kristin currently works as a freelance reporter for Miller & Miller Court Reporters and has been with them for the past two-and-a-half years. Their support of her, both professionally and personally, is what helps keep her motivated to be a better reporter. The other form of motivation is her husband of one year, Brian, and their newborn son, Brian Dexter. Facing the challenges of being a wife and a new mom while working is something new for Kristin, and she knows she chose the right profession to help her do it all and do it well.