Lynette L. Mueller, LCR, RDR, CRR, CLR - Biography

A veteran in the court reporting industry, Lynette has been reporting since the early 1980s.  Among her extensive skill sets, Lynette has successfully reported  for highly complicated and technical matters, including medical, patent litigation, and biomedical cases.  She has reported throughout the country, and for the past ten years in the Memphis area.

She is currently the Website Director for the Tennessee Court Reporters Association.  Lynette was instrumental in creating TCRA's site nearly two years ago and is responsible for the maintenance of the site and its content.  She has also been a past Director and Vice President of the Tennessee Court Reporters Association.

Lynette is certified as a Licensed Court Reporter through the state of Tennessee.  She is also certified by testing through the National Court Reporters Association, and holds the highest level of certification -- the Registered Diplomat Reporter.  Lynette also holds the certification of Certified Realtime Reporter and Certified LiveNote Reporter.