Amber Thompson Pic 2023



President's Message

By Amber Thompson, LCR, CCR
2023-2024 TCRA President


As our board year commences, I am so excited to see where this new journey takes us!

When I first started serving on committees for TCRA, I remember the overwhelming feeling of being in over my head, but also the feelings you can only get from helping someone other than yourself.  I can admit I still feel both of these just as strongly today as I did then.

Being on the board and surrounded by all these amazing reporters and their wisdom from years of experience has helped improve me as a reporter, not only in my knowledge and skill, but also my confidence, and I hope to spend this year encouraging and helping other reporters in the same way.

I think a valuable lesson learned during Covid was how important a sense of community is, and I hope to help foster that within our profession in the next year.

I want to take this opportunity to invite you to invest and become active in our small community in whatever way you can, whether that be serving on a committee, mentoring a new reporter, sharing valuable information, whatever way you feel you can best help. Court reporters know our job is more than just a profession, and I look forward to everyone sharing and expressing their passion.