Speaker Identification

Submitted by Laqueta Soule, CRI, CPE

Chattanooga State Community College

“Speaker identification practice today, students,” says the teacher. “Oh, no, I knew I should have skipped class today!”  Students, is this your first reaction?  Come on – it’s not so bad!  You just need to practice.

A Long Road From Student to Reporter

By Michelle Huskey-Smith

Michelle Huskey-Smith writes about her experience transitioning from student to reporter.  Check out her article from the NCRA website.

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART)

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) is a word-for-word speech to text translation for people who need assistance with communication access. It is provided by a court reporter who has been specifically trained to provide this service. CART can benefit people who are late-deafened, oral deaf, hard of hearing, or who have cochlear implants. Deaf individuals may also use CART in a variety of situations.

Tips for Speedbuilding

  • Get in the zone. Is your mind wandering during practice or test taking? Concentration is a huge part of this job, and it's difficult to stop thoughts from coming to your mind at the wrong time. To start off, during your practice time, push any thoughts or distractions out of your mind and focus on the material you are listening to. Practice one-minute takes at first, increasing to two-minute takes and so forth, until you can accomplish the complete five-minute take without distractions. You'll be passing tests before you know it!

Resume Preparation

If you’re looking for a position in your new career of court reporting, you will need a good resume. Carol Matchett of Clayton Reporting writes a great article about resume preparation and tips to follow.  The article is called “Getting Your Foot in the Door.”  This article is posted on NCRA’s website in the student section.