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For a free introductory course, the A to Z program will give you a chance to see if this career is a fit for you.  Please use the link below to register for an A to Z program.

NCRA A to Z Programs



Please use the link below to find an NCRA-certified institution for court reporter training and education.

According to NCRA's site: 

The court reporter training programs offered at the following institutions are committed to excellence in realtime reporter education and have met the General Requirements and Minimum Standards (GRMS) established by the Council on Approved Student Education (CASE) of the National Court Reporters Association, earning the right to describe themselves as “NCRA Certified.”  In order to achieve and maintain certification, these programs agree to periodic review by CASE to verify their continued adherence to the GRMS.  Each training program is identified as being certified for specific modes of delivery; on-site day, on-site evening, and online.


NCRA is not an accrediting agency; however, all NCRA-certified programs are accredited by agencies recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Each institution’s transfer of credit policy is governed by the standards of the particular agency accrediting that institution.

NCRA Approved Schools