About The Volunteer Reporter

The Volunteer Reporter is a publication produced quarterly for members of TCRA and other interested parties and is dedicated to the improvement of our profession and to provide a link between TCRA and its members.

Letters for the newsletter are welcomed and will be printed according to space availability. The Newsletter Committee reserves the right to edit letters according to space and formatting requirements or as ethics require, so long as the original meaning remains intact. Additionally, research articles may be written to earn TCRA CEU credits. Author must submit online and receive approval of such in order to earn CEUs. Contact the Newsletter Committee for details.

Submission and advertising deadline is 15 days before publication date. Material received less than 15 days after deadline will be held for next issue.

Statement of fact, opinion, and all advertisements are made on the responsibility of the author and do not imply endorsement on the part of TCRA or its officers. Reprint rights are granted to all NCRA-affiliated publications, with appropriate attribution.

The Volunteer Reporter publication schedules is as follows:

Winter - 2/15

Spring - 4/30

Summer - 8/30

Fall - 11/30

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