Protect Our Profession - POP

Your Board of the Tennessee Court Reporters Association is asking for donations in the fight to uphold ethics and impartiality of the record here in Tennessee.

Have you ever wanted to just "POP" someone who tried to get away with something that was unethical or illegal?  Now you can.

POP - Protect Our Profession - is a way that we can all help.  For a nominal donation of $25 (or more) you, our members, can help us continue YOUR fight against those who believe that money is far more important than ethics and impartiality of the written record. 

So, please, if you can, contribute online today to secure all of our futures in this great State of Tennessee. (Legislative Fund Donation Link is located in the bottom left-hand module of our homepage.)

We've presented a bill that our membership asked us to and now we need your help to continue the fight ahead to POP.

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