Students Join TCRA Now

Our association offers mentoring and scholarships to court reporting students.  One of the most exciting reasons to join the association is that there is a voluntary CCR program currently being offered to members.  

The past president of our national association (NCRA), Karen Yates, launched the 10x10 campaign, which seeks to expand the number of certified professionals by asking current members to pledge to the campaign.  They ask each of us to speak to 10 of our peers by 2010 and to convince them to seek certification if they’re not certified or to secure a more advanced or specialty-based certification if they are already certified.  She says that by increasing the number of certified practitioners and raising our professional standards, we strengthen NCRA and the profession, to the benefit of our clients, the public, and ourselves.  We at TCRA feel strongly about this view and want this for our state as well.

Student members need only pay $25 for their membership to TCRA. Students who join as new members need to complete a membership application and have your instructor or a professional member endorse your application.  If you want to learn more about TCRA and/or voluntary certification, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call any of us at TCRA or a member of the Membership Committee any time with your questions or concerns.

We look forward to each of you students joining TCRA and making our state association stronger!

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