Why I Want To Be A Court Reporter

Essay by:  Amber Thompson

2008 Scholarship Award Winner

When I first started court-reporting school, I was attracted to the perks of flexible schedule, working from home, and the potential income. Although these things still motivate me, court reporting is something that I have come to enjoy and has helped me find confidence in myself.  I have finally found something that clicks for me.  My drive and determination has been the same from the first day of school to the last, and even now as our school recently shut down and I strive to reach the finish line.  The challenge of pushing yourself everyday and the reward of self-satisfaction cannot be described in words.

Going back to school four years ago was a decision that I knew I needed to make for me and for my family.  I attended several schools and changed my major numerous times. Every career I looked into, all I could think was I do not want to do that for 40 plus years of my life.

I recently sat for the RPR skills test and spoke to a veteran court reporter taking her RMR.  She told me how much she loved court reporting and could never imagine doing anything else.  She talked about her career with such enthusiasm and sincerity it made me confident that I had chosen the right profession.

I want to look back in 40 years and say enthusiastically and sincerely that I loved my job and could never imagine doing anything else.  I want to be financially stable, knowing my career shaped that path.  I want to say I experienced a lot in my lifetime, knowing court reporting had provided the opportunities.  I want to look at my children and know I had given them a good life and education; knowing court reporting made it possible.

I am looking forward to the next 40 years.

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